Wire Guided Memory Basket

Wire Guided Memory Basket

Used to retrieve foreign body / Stone from G.I.Tract - through the scope.

Technical Information:

  • Three basket sizes to facilitate stone retrieval from biliary tract.
  • Basket shapes - Oval, Hexagonal.
  • Retains shape for longer time.
  • Handle - Light weight with flush port for contrast.
  • Centre port for guide wire
  • Wire guide compatibility 0.035"
Not recommended for Lithotripsy.
  • Availability - Sterile - for single use only

Ordering Information-Mention product code x quantity required

Reference Product Name Required Channel ∅ Basket∅ Working Length
SMMB-WG-30 Memory Basket Wire Guided 2.8mm 30mm 230cm
SMMB-WG-35 Memory Basket Wire Guided 2.8mm 35mm 230cm
SMMB-WG-40 Memory Basket Wire Guided 2.8mm 40mm 230cm