Stone Extraction Balloon

Stone Extraction Balloon

Used For Endoscopic Extraction of Biliary Stones .

Technical Information:

  • Triple lumen feature provides wire guide access to facilitate stone extraction, from desired location during procedure.
  • Catheter Diameter-7 Fr .
  • Compatible with 0.035 inch wire guide.
  • Availability-Individually packed. Sterile for single use only.
  • Working length-200 cm.
  • Balloon diameter-16 mm.
  • Balloon length-16 mm.

Ordering Information-Mention product code x quantity required

Reference Catheter Diameter FR Functional Catheter Length Diameter of Inflated Balloon Balloon Max Air Inflation Balloon Max Flui Injection Recommended Guiding Wire(Inch) Syringe CC Tip Diameter FR
SSEC - 7 7 200 cm 16mm 3.5 cc 3.0 ml 0.035” 5 7