Esophageal Dilator

Esophageal Dilator

Used to Dilate Esophageal Strictures over previously placed wire guide.

Technical Information

  • Available Sizes - 5mm to 20mm Outer Diameter.
  • Other sizes can be produced on specific request.
  • Soft, Flexible and Radioopaque Tip & Radioopaque Junction.
  • Gradual Tapering.
  • Low friction lumen surface.
  • Dilator Size-Diameter-5 mm. to 20 mm.Length 100 cm.,70 cm.
  • Non Sterile & Reusable
Reference No.: Product Name
SED-SET-6-70 Esophageal Dilator set
SED-SET-6-100 Esophageal Dilator set
SED-SET-12-70 Esophageal Dilator set
SED-SET-12-100 Esophageal Dilator set
SED-SET-16-70 Esophageal Dilator set
SED-SET-16-100 Esophageal Dilator set

Set of 6 Pcs... Any 6 Pc from 5 MM to 20 MM
Set of 12 Pcs... Any 12 Pc from 5 MM to 20 MM
Set of 16 Pcs from 5 MM to 20 MM
  •  Set includes 1x Shaili Flexible spring tip Guide Wire 250 cm long. Carring case is available with order of set only.

Ordering Information-Mention product code x quantity required

Reference Outer ∅ Length
SED-500 5mm 100cm
SED-600 6mm 100cm
SED-700 7mm 100cm
SED-800 8mm 100cm
SED-900 9mm 100cm
SED-1000 10mm 100cm
SED-1100 11mm 100cm
SED-1200 12mm 100cm
SED-1300 13mm 100cm
SED-1400 14mm 100cm
SED-1500 15mm 100cm
SED-1600 16mm 100cm
SED-1700 17mm 100cm
SED-1800 18mm 100cm
SED-1900 19mm 100cm
SED-2000 20mm 100cm
Reference Outer ∅ Length
SED-570 5mm 70cm
SED-670 6mm 70cm
SED-770 7mm 70cm
SED-870 8mm 70cm
SED-970 9mm 80cm
SED-1070 10mm 70cm
SED-1170 11mm 70cm
SED-1270 12mm 70cm
SED-1370 13mm 70cm
SED-1470 14mm 70cm
SED-1570 15mm 70cm
SED-1670 16mm 70cm
SED-1770 17mm 70cm
SED-1870 18mm 70cm
SED-1970 19mm 70cm
SED-2070 20mm 70cm